Do you pay other people’s bills?

Zenith Information Systems, Inc. enables those responsible for managing the banking and financial responsibilities of their clients to achieve high-performance outcomes.

  • Business & personal managers
  • Family offices
  • Accountants & chief financial officers
  • Financial planners & investment advisors
  • Property managers & real estate developers
  • Tours & productions
  • Trusts & charitable organizations

Scenario One:

As a financial planner, you are stretched thin–from managing your business, to handling day-to-day demands, to keeping current with the latest technology. There’s never enough time to accomplish what matters most–to be fully involved with your clients and provide them with the highest level of personal service.

Scenario Two:

Your family office has been working with different types of accounting software, but none provide you with the results that are appropriate for managing multiple ledgers and accounts. In addition, you’re spending hours manipulating data to create various reports. The stack of paperwork on your desk is growing taller by the day.

Scenario Three:

You’re managing a music tour for a legendary R&B artist across North America, Europe and Asia. Your job is to handle all business components, including logistics and traditional payroll services for personnel and travelling parties. Plus, you’re providing tailored concert management services for a host of other high-profile, high-maintenance clients. You wonder if there’s an easier way to maintain your related and unrelated entities.

If you’ve experienced the stress and frustration found in any of these scenarios, it’s time for a change.

As a leading provider of financial accounting, management and technology solutions, Zenith gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most…whatever the situation.

Our clients benefit from enhanced:

  • Efficiency & accuracy
  • Cost & time savings
  • Innovation & flexibility
  • Workflow
  • Privacy & security