Zenith’s New Explorer Function Improves Navigation

A new function has been added to Zenith Gold that offers even more ways to sort and view data with a click. Zenith Explorer now allows you to view general ledger data using either a tree view, similar to Windows Explorer, or a drill down menu.

With either interface, you can browse detailed information about postings, general ledger master codes, sub-codes and clients, including scanned and bank images. You may also toggle between cash and accrual versions of each ledger.

The drill down interface offers the following additional features:

1) Searching, sorting, grouping, summarizing and filtering records
Data displayed in a grid is easily manipulated in multiple ways.  A single click switches the year.

2) Charting displayed data
Master codes, sub-codes and postings may be easily plotted in either a pie chart or column format.

3) Extracting data to Excel Add-In
Data currently displayed in a drill down grid can be loaded directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

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